When it comes to hair loss, rumors and myths abound. It’s easy to start feeling overwhelmed by the conflicting information and hearsay that weave in and out of conversations about hair loss. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we’re dedicated to promoting awareness about the causes and solutions for hair loss. Today, we’re sharing six common myths about hair loss recently published by Men’s Journal[i].

  1. Hair Restoration Never Looks Natural

In the early days of hair restoration procedures, about thirty to forty years ago, results were often shoddy. Increased experience, training, and technological advancement have remedied this situation. Hair transplant surgeries from world-class surgeons like ours at Vinci Hair Clinic look completely natural and normal.

  1. Baldness Comes from Your Mother’s Side

This one is a complete myth. Hereditary balding is caused by genes from both sides of the family.

  1. Pull Out a Grey Hair and Three Will Grow in Its Place

Pulling out a grey hair doesn’t increase the grey hairs on your head, but it can cause hair loss. Repeatedly pulling at your hair can cause traction alopecia, which is hair loss caused by scar tissue forming over the follicles and inhibiting hair growth.

  1. Wearing Baseball Caps Causes Baldness

According to Men’s Journal, in order to cause hair loss, “Your baseball cap would have to be on your scalp so tight that you couldn’t wear it.” In other words, it’s virtually impossible.

  1. Natural Supplements Prevent Hair Loss

Unfortunately, there’s no evidence that natural supplements can prevent balding. Spencer Kobren, author of The Bald Truth, told Men’s Journal, “I’ve told people on my show for years that there has been no clinical data showing that any of these natural supplements actually help with hair loss.”

  1. You Can Prevent Hair Loss

The final myth is that hair loss is completely preventable. Unfortunately, most hair loss is hereditary, meaning there’s little aside from a healthy lifestyle that you can do to prevent its onset. However, there are both surgical and cosmetic options available for recovery. Contact Vinci Hair Clinic today to learn more.

[i] https://www.mensjournal.com/expert-advice/10-myths-and-facts-about-hair-loss-20140520/hair-restoration-never-looks-natural-myth

Six Hair Loss Myths