At Vinci Hair Clinic, we care about the health of your hair. While most hair loss is hereditary, changing your daily habits can promote the thickness and longevity of your hair. If you don’t want to lose your hair, here are six habits you should consider avoiding, according to Wellbeing Magazine:

  1. Rubbing shampoo into your long hair

Many people with long hair begin by massaging shampoo into their scalp and then running the shampoo down the length of their hair. Doing this requires pulling and pushing your hair in strange ways that can damage your hair. Instead, just gently massage it into your scalp and let it rinse out with the water.

  1. Skipping conditioner

Conditioner contains vital chemicals to promote healthy hair. Use it after every shampoo if you want to prevent damage and promote healthy hair.

  1. Rubbing your hair dry with a towel

The friction of rubbing a towel against your head can easily damage your hair. Instead, wrap a towel around your head or simply allow it to air dry.

  1. Brushing your wet hair

When your hair is wet, it’s more vulnerable. If you brush it while wet, it’s susceptible to breakage. Let your hair dry before gently combing it––especially if it’s straight. If your hair is curly or textured, it’s okay for it to be slightly damp while brushing.

  1. Using blow dryers and curling irons

The intense heat of blow dryers and curling irons easily damages your hair. Instead, let your hair air dry. If that’s not possible, then use the lowest heat settings and try to limit yourself to only a few times per week.

  1. Pulling your hair back tightly

Wearing your hair in a tight ponytail, bun, or cornrows can be convenient and attractive, but it can also damage your hair follicles. If you must pull it back, do it loosely––but it’s best to try hairstyles that don’t pull at your hair.

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we’re dedicated to promoting healthy hair. Contact us today to learn more about the causes of hair loss, how to prevent it, and what we can do to help you begin your hair regrowth journey.

Six Ways You Might Be Damaging Your Hair