If you’re considering getting scalp micropigmentation, it’s vital to choose skilled, globally renowned technicians like the ones at Vinci Hair Clinic, and not amateurs or pop-up clinics. Choosing the wrong technician could leave you with permanent blights, such as dots that are too big or too small. Our technicians are trained to mimic the natural appearance of hair follicles, but many tattoo artists falsely assume that micropigmentation procedures are just like tattoos, and so accidentally destroy people’s appearances due to their lack of skill and training. Dot size is the most common mistake made by amateur technicians, and the results can be devastating.

Accurate size, shape, and color for each dot make or break a scalp micropigmentation. The color is determined by the color of pigment used––but what goes into determining the size and shape of each dot? While the size of the needle contributes to the size of each dot, a successful outcome also depends on proper machinery, the pressure when putting the needle to the head, and the style of the individual technician. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we use the best machinery we can find, and we only hire experienced, trained technicians with dynamic application styles who are familiar with the differences just a little bit of pressure can make.


The pressure a technician applies when putting the micropigmentation needle to someone’s scalp makes all the difference in dot size. Increased pressure results in a larger pigment deposit, and lighter pressure causes smaller deposits. When regular tattoo artists perform their work, they tend to apply high pressure and penetrate more deeply into the skin so that the ink connects to form images. If a technician isn’t sufficiently trained in micropigmentation techniques, they could apply too much pressure, penetrate too deeply, and create large, blotted areas of ink instead of the textured, variegated dots required to mimic the natural appearance of hair follicles.

When it comes to your micropigmentation procedure, the risk is too great to rely on unskilled hands. Our highly trained technicians at Vinci Hair Clinic are excited to meet you, show you examples of their work, and guarantee the highest quality micropigmentation available.


Skilled Technicians Are the Key to Avoiding Common Micropigmentation Mistakes