Skin and scalp conditions often contribute to hair loss among men. While some of these conditions are quite harmless, others, if untreated, might cause permanent damage to your hair. Unfortunately, many men mistake skin conditions for regular dandruff and only switch the shampoo they are using instead of visiting a doctor. A recent infographic published by Lloyds Pharmacy depicts two common skin conditions that frequently cause men to shed their hair. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we encourage our clients to understand the causes of their hair loss and investigate all their recovery options.

If you’re experiencing dandruff-like symptoms along with hair loss, you might be experiencing psoriasis. This condition causes an overproduction of skin cells, which flake off like dandruff. Psoriasis often damages hair follicles, which contain the cells that regulate hair growth. If you believe you might be experiencing psoriasis, visit your healthcare professional as soon as possible to prevent permanent damage. Your doctor will likely proscribe a medicated shampoo that should reverse your condition. If your hair follicles are permanently damaged, however, then the best option for recovery is a hair transplant surgery.

If you’re noticing small, itchy, red patches on your scalp, you may be experiencing seborrheic dermatitis. Luckily, this skin condition is mostly harmless, but can be quite itchy and can cause large patches of your hair to fall out as you scratch. If you suspect you’re experiencing seborrheic dermatitis, avoid itching and scratching your hair. It’s difficult, but necessary to avoid secondary infection and minimize hair shedding. Once you’ve been prescribed proper treatment by a healthcare professional, your hair should resume its normal growth. Luckily, seborrheic dermatitis does not usually cause long-term damage to your hair follicles.

If psoriasis or any other skin condition results in permanent hair loss for you or someone you love, contact our experts at Vinci Hair Clinic to learn how we can help. At our worldwide locations, we offer world-class hair transplant surgeries and expert scalp micropigmentation procedures that can reverse your hair loss or provide permanent cosmetic solutions. Contact us today to learn how you can restore your hairline.

These Skin Conditions Contribute to Hair Loss Among Men