In recent years, scalp micropigmentation has become more and popular with people who want a permanent solution to their hair loss problems. A study at The Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology discusses some of the basics of SMP.

SMP can be used to cover up any unsightly problems with the scalp, such as baldness itself or any scarring, especially scars that are left from older style hair transplant procedures. In the past, people who were afflicted with these issues had to make due with hair styles such as comb overs or hair pieces and in cases where those were not enough to cover up the problem, they simply had to accept it.

Luckily, in recent years with the growing acceptance of tattooing in the mainstream, SMP, which is a form of cosmetic tattooing using special needles and pigments, has also become much more prominent and many people are learning that they can fix their cosmetic problems in this way. SMP is used to create the appearance of a full head of hair and emulates a very closely shaved look. It is also used to successfully cover up scars and boost the aesthetic appearance of hair after a transplant by making it look fuller. During the procedure, the dermatologist will make artistic and aesthetic decisions to create the best possible illusion. It’s very important to manage your expectations correctly, and well-trained SMP specialists, like those found at Vinci Hair Clinic, can help you with this. So contact us today to explore your options.

The authors of the study stress the importance of picking a reputable clinic to perform SMP. Due to the rising popularity of SMP, there is a rise in unqualified personnel performing it. Having the procedure done by an unqualified person can lead to pigment bleeding, improperly set pigment, and an overall unnatural look. The study goes on to conclude that SMP could become a much more widely used procedure and a standard offering at dermatology clinics as new advancements are made constantly in regard to the safety, quality, and aesthetic vision of the physicians.


SMP: Concealer for Hair and Scalp Deformities