Scott had his revolutionary SMP Scalp MicroPigmentation treatment just over 1 year before this video, after the crown area of his head thinned to the point where you could easily see his hair loss. Being 28 years of age and experiencing quite advanced hair loss, Scott decided to do something about his hair loss, and after a lot of investigation he found Scalp MicroPigmentation by Vinci Hair Clinic and had his treatment done at our world renowned centre in London. The treatment has changed Scott’s life, and his testimonial shows this.

After one year, and indeed becoming part of the Vinci team by opening our clinical practice in Glasgow, Scotland Scott is now helping people from Northern England, right across Scotland and indeed right across Northern and Southern Ireland solve their hair loss issues with SMP, and indeed by more traditional hair transplant procedures.

Being able to offer the treatment locally to people is something that Scott really believes is important, and by offering consultations in locations such as Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and other locations you can see how effective the SMP treatment is, and actually see how well the treatment works, and also see other examples of how SMP has helped other clients.

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SMP Testimonial – Scott McGaw 1 Year After SMP