A recent study into stem cell growth may help to improve future hair loss treatments. A team of researchers led by Karl Koehler at the Indiana University School of Medicine in Indianapolis, USA have discovered a new way to grow skin, complete with hair, from stem cells.

The Study on Hair Follicle Development

The Indiana University scientists had been working on growing inner ear organs from stem cells and noticed that hair follicles were emerging too. They decided to investigate further, by placing mouse stem cells in a 3D culture and applying signalling molecules. This stimulated the stem cells to grow into skin, developing in the same way skin would on a mouse embryo. The team found that the cells formed not only the epidermis and dermis but also hair follicle cells, with results far superior to any skin previously created in a laboratory. Koehler explained that the study would have a variety of potential applications in the medical field. It could be useful in the testing of medications and researching skin conditions and would reduce the number of animals used by laboratories. It may also be helpful in improving knowledge about hair loss and hair growth, perhaps even leading to new hair restoration treatments in the future.

Scientifically Proven Hair Restoration Treatments

The best hair loss treatments that are available today have been developed from years of research and are backed by strong scientific evidence. Finasteride and minoxidil are the only two medicines that are proven to treat hair loss. They are both approved by the FDA and have undergone clinical trials that show them as effective in treating androgenetic alopecia. Other clinically proven solutions for hair loss include LLLT, PRP, MSP and hair transplants.

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Stem Cell Study Could Improve Future Hair Loss Treatments