Some advanced clinics have begun offering a combination of both processes – strip harvesting and FUE. This is done to obtain the advantages of both techniques, and also to afford a one- visit solution that can last two to three days . After the procedure, even patients with severe balding can enjoy strong results.

The limitations of fut on its own are that once a strip has been extracted it’s usually at least a year until the patient can have another fue session. The limitations of the fue are that less hair can be extracted each time and even though two days of fue can harvest similar amounts of hair as the fut the patient still needs months to heal in the donor area before extraction can start again.

Using these special combination procedures, more hair can be transplanted than with any other technique and therefore it is a very appealing method to those in the more advanced stages of balding who need a large amount of hairs, usually this is a option for those in a Norwood 4 and above, but that will also depend on the patients expectations.

The biggest setback of these combination treatments is that the patient will need to shave the back of his head for the fue and also do a strip harvesting session over a span of two or more days. This will leave the donor area scar quite visible for two to three weeks until the hair has grown as long as the scar is small and neat, this procedure should only be performed by surgeons with excellent track record of minimal scarring and considerable experience and expertise in hair transplants.

Strip Harvesting And FUE Combination Procedures