Scalp Micropigmentation Could Revolutionize Your Style

screenshot_2Our micropigmentation patients at Vinci Hair Clinic love the new-found freedom that micropigmentation procedures can offer. Instead of just restoring your hairline, a micropigmentation procedure can also empower you to develop the hairline you’ve always wanted. Hairlines are one of the first things people notice when they meet someone new, and a new hairline gives you the freedom of determining how people perceive you. After careful consideration and close consultation with our skilled technicians, you can choose a brand new hairline governed by your style preferences instead of your genetics.

So what are the different hairline options that people choose from? According to Dr. Yates, MD, there are five basic hairline types to choose from when preparing for your micropigmentation procedure:

  • Your original hairline
  • A more defined version of your hairline
  • A hairline that’s further forward
  • A slightly receded hairline
  • A soft and broken hairline

In addition to the position of the hairline, you can change the shape, from completely straight to rounded to everything in between. Much of the choice will depend on the natural shape of your face and discussions with stylists and technicians about how best to accentuate your natural features. An important part of the process will be to determine the side-profile style that looks best on you. Dr. Yates lists three different types of side profiles:

  • Rounded side profiles
  • Sharp or razored side profiles
  • Soft side profiles

Color will be another important variable in developing the perfect scalp micropigmentation for you. After considering your natural hair color, deciding on how much of your natural hair you want to keep, and the shape and position of your new hairline, you can decide whether to match your micropigmentation to your original hair color, or to go with something new. This is an especially exciting option for people who are already completely bald and don’t have to work around existing hair––the different possible combinations are almost endless!

At Vinci Hair Clinic, our goal is to give you the power to control your appearance. We love performing scalp micropigmentations because the number of options empowers our patients to take control over how other people see them––and, more importantly, how our patients perceive themselves.

Style Options for Scalp Micropigmentation