Hair systems have come a long way, but an article at argues that switching to scalp micropigmentation is still better.

Even though modern hair systems, a term which has come to replace the dreaded word “wig”, have become more sophisticated and natural looking, there are still many drawbacks to their use. Price is one of them as a properly done hair system can be very expensive. There is also the matter of upkeep on top of the initial price. While a hair system can help you look as if you don’t have thinning hair, you will run into some problems like daily maintenance, which can be demanding, and you will have to deal with the fear of certain social situations where your hair system might be found out. Going to the gym, or any situation that includes water and heat or both, such as swimming or parties, can cause problems.

If the routine of taking care of a hair system is wearing you down, you should consider scalp micropigmentation. Transitioning to SMP will have a liberating effect as you will no longer have all the worries that come with a hair system, such as upkeep, and avoiding certain situations.

SMP is a form of medical tattooing which injects tiny drops of pigment under the scalp and recreates a natural, closely shaven look. While the switch from a full looking hair system to SMP may come as a surprise to the people in your life, it will be a lesser shock than suddenly going completely bald, especially as the closely shaven look is completely accepted by society and many celebrities are sporting this look. SMP can also be used to cover up any scars that you might have, such as those left by older-style hair transplants.


SMP will liberate you in social settings because it requires no upkeep and looks natural. And unlike a hair system, does not need to be re-fitted occasionally—You’ll no longer have to worry about sweat or going into water, which will enable you to enjoy a fuller and more relaxed life.

At Vinci Hair clinic, we offer SMP done by professionals with many years of experience.

Why switch from a hair system to SMP?