To most of us, how we look is not complete if the way our hair looks is wanting. But despite the importance of the hair on our heads, most of us don’t know much about it. But the lack of knowledge in not an indictment that anyone needs to be afraid of because we have experts whose job is to furnish you with the accurate knowledge you need.

The testimony and insights of these four scientists will open your eyes to some of the things you need to know about your hair. They were featured on the BBC show Horizon.

During the interview, these brilliant minds were emphatic that “great hair” is one of the biggest boosters of external self-confidence among people, especially women. The reason is that it makes people feel good about themselves because it completes their beauty equation.

The four women are a living mine of knowledge in matters to do with hair. Professor Glover, Dr. Laura Waters, Dr. Zoe Williams, and Dr. Helen Czerski are the bright minds behind these findings. Although they are scientists with the ability and skill to analyse hair at a follicular level, the focus of their work is on the impact of hair on self-esteem in women.

During the interview, the scientists were emphatic that healthy hair is a great contributor not just to how people appreciate themselves, but also to how others perceive them. For instance, they say that it only takes a mere 13 milliseconds for people to unconsciously judge others based on the appearance of their hair.

But what is more interesting is that Ann Glover, a molecular biologist, says that this all-important part of your body is actually dead matter. Contrary to common belief, hair is just a bunch of dead protein, yet it has a life-brightening effect on people. That is why these four learned sisters invested ten years of research into coming up with a solution that helps to restore liveliness and glamor to people’s hair. The simple fact that people will generally form an opinion about you just by your looks means there is more to our hair than meets the eye.

Empowering women to be confident in who they are and how they style their hair is an important take away from the show.

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Testimony and insights of four scientists