Do you know how to spot the early signs of hair loss? In this blog, you’ll learn how to tell if you are starting to go bald and what you can do the prevent it.

Spot the Early Signs of Hair Loss

One of the easiest ways to spot hair loss at its early stages is to keep an eye on how many strands are in your brush after styling. A normal rate of hair loss is considered to be between 50 and 100 hairs each day. Conditions such as pattern baldness, telogen effluvium and alopecia areata can cause this rate to be accelerated. People with these conditions may notice that they shed lots of hair every day.

Another way to identify whether your hair is showing signs of balding is to compare photos of yourself. If you are a man, look out for changes such as thinning on top and a receding frontal area as this is typical of pattern baldness. Women with the same condition may notice a general loss of volume and widening of their hair parting.

Take Action Against Hair Loss

If you have spotted the early signs of hair loss, what can you do about it? According to the experts at Vinci Hair Clinic, getting treatment as soon as possible is the best approach. This puts you at an advantage because many treatments are more effective when started early. You can stop the problem from progressing and it may even be possible to regrow your hair.

Treatments for Hair Loss

Vinci Hair Clinics offer a selection of clinically-proven hair restoration solutions for men and women. The suitability of these treatments for you will depend on your hair loss condition, how advanced it is and your preferences. The medicines minoxidil and finasteride are particularly effective in treating pattern baldness at its early stages. They can be used as stand-alone treatments or combined with other options, such as PRP Therapy and LLLT. If your hair loss is more advanced, a hair transplant may be a better solution for you. The surgical technique allows areas of baldness to be restored, using grafts of your own hair for a natural and permanent result.

The Early Signs of Hair Loss & How to Prevent It