When asked to define beauty, most people will respond that a person’s character is more important than their appearance. However, our perceptions of beauty may be more influenced by how people look than we realise. Read on to learn why and discover one treatment that can help to balance asymmetrical facial features.

The Attraction of Symmetry

The reasons why some faces are seen as more attractive than others has fascinated scientists for years. Research has shown that symmetry of the facial features plays a key role in what we perceive as beauty. It is thought that this appeal of symmetry is actually programmed into our genes by evolution. Our bodies are designed to find mates who are healthy and in prime condition. Since asymmetrical features are associated with age and illness, we have a natural bias towards people whose features are more symmetrical. Culture and society also influence our perceptions of beauty. Studies have shown that different communities from around the world find what is normal or average in their region to be more appealing than less familiar facial characteristics.

Creating Symmetrical Eyebrows with Hair Transplants

Though it is important to remember that true beauty is about the whole person, it is possible to make changes to enhance your facial symmetry, if desired. For example, the shape and thickness of the eyebrows can be altered by having hair transplant surgery. This type of procedure uses grafts of hair harvested from the patient’s scalp to rebuild the eyebrows. Asymmetrical brows can be evened out and density can be improved where growth is sparse or non-existent. After the initial healing period, the transplanted hair will grow in and the brows can be groomed as normal.

Eyebrow Hair Transplants with Vinci Hair Clinic

Vinci Hair Clinics are hair restoration experts and are proud to offer eyebrow hair transplants amongst their services. Their procedures are performed by highly experienced surgeons, who are skilled in creating aesthetically-pleasing results that flatter the client’s bone structure and features. You can find out more about whether this type of surgery is right for your needs by taking up Vinci’s offer of a free consultation. Join the specialists at one of Vinci’s clinics around the world, or connect with the team via Whatsapp to get more information and personalised advice.

The Link Between Facial Symmetry & Beauty


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