There have been many successful cases of scalp micropigmentation treatments. This has inspired others into action to get their balding condition addressed as well. It is fortunate that these people have come across such patients because it motivated them to do the same. There are also those however, that were not able to receive the same instruction. They unknowingly underwent treatment with a clinic that could not provide the same excellent results causing instead, a highly noticeable collection of inkblots upon their scalp.


Scalp micropigmentation is a method that derives its success from its capacity to cloak a person’s hair loss without being identified doing so. It requires only premium materials, equipment and manpower to make it possible to complete such an output. This remedy might have a similarity to tattooing though its specialised method of application makes it different. There are a series of steps that scalp micropigmentation must follow in order to create the same excellent results on a consistent basis. This is probably what separates it the most from a normal tattoo.

Another main difference between the two is the reason why they are applied. Tattoos thrive on being recognised for its appearance. Its success is derived from how well received it is by the bearer as well as other onlookers that see the work of the tattoo artist. The more praise it receives, the more successful it is as a piece of art. Scalp micropigmentation does not require such recognition and actually wants to avoid it. Being able to be identified as one only means that the technician did not do his job properly. Its task is but to provide an illusion of hair over the area balding that it hopes to conceal.

There are different ways that people feel about their hair loss. Some are more candid and accepting than others about their condition. There are also those who prefer to keep their situation a secret. How these people view balding should always be respected. This makes a scalp micropigmentation treatment perfect for those who would like to be more discrete. Its ability to camouflage hair loss among the different types of balding conditions makes it one of the most dynamic remedies available. This should always be made to a high standard because the margin of error is so small that any defect in its implementation will reveal its existence upon the scalp. The moment it is easily detectible is the time when the hair pattern needs to be reconstructed. There should be no occasion that the client feels insecure about their scalp micropigmentation treatment. It should always provide them with the confidence that their hair loss will remain concealed.

Those establishments that do not adhere to the same mentality often fall short when it comes to providing the same results. In fact, they can miss it entirely and can even cause a lot of inconvenience in the process. There are many cases where a substandard clinic tries to save on expenses by using low-grade inks, equipment and untrained personnel to implement its purported scalp micropigmentation services. These practices have been known to result in greenish or even bluish scalps due to the utilisation of inappropriate inks and needles for such treatments. The lack or absence of hygiene can also cause infection. Unskilled layering of pigments will most likely turn out to be obvious to anyone making it appear more like a poorly made tattoo if it may be called such a thing. This is usually motivated by the need to generate more profit without any regard to the welfare of the patient.

The negative side of scalp micropigmentation