Cosmetic surgery is growing in popularity every year. Reflecting this increase in demand is the number of clinics offering cheap treatments. Though the lower-costs seem attractive, there is a dark side, with reports of infection, bad results and even deaths relating to surgeries. Many health experts are becoming concerned that people are putting themselves at great risk in the hope of saving money.

Paying the highest price for surgery

In August 2018, news broke of the death of Leah Cambridge. The 29-year-old, who worked as a beautician in Leeds, UK, had experienced three heart attacks while undergoing a “butt lift” procedure in Turkey. The surgery increases the contours of the buttocks through injections of fat create an extreme hourglass figure, similar to that of stars like Nikki Minaj and Kim Kardashian. Leah’s partner Scott Franks spoke to several media outlets saying that he that felt that it was important to talk about what had happened and make others aware of dangers of cheap cosmetic surgery.

Why is budget hair transplant surgery risky?

Though butt lifts are quickly earning a reputation as the most dangerous aesthetic treatment, any surgical procedure becomes riskier if performed by unskilled doctors in an inadequate setting. Vinci Hair Clinic’s experts are seeing more patients than ever who have had a cheap hair transplant and are unsatisfied with the results. Problems vary from unnatural looking results and noticeable scarring to skin infections. Of course, there are others, like Leah, who unfortunately lose their life while on the operating table. What you have to consider is how budget clinics can afford to charge less for hair transplants and other surgeries. If they are cutting corners to save money – can you really trust them to keep you safe?

Quality over cost

Make your catchphrase “Quality is my priority” when you are deciding where to go for a hair transplant. In a professional medical clinic, the risks of having surgery are minimised by following strict protocols and having highly trained, experienced staff. Though superior quality hair restoration work may cost more, knowing that you are in reliable, skilled hands is worth the investment.

The Real Cost of Cheap Surgery