Hair loss from the hairline and nape of the neck, also known as thinning edges, is often a concern for black women. We discuss what can cause thinning edges and offer advice on how to prevent and treat this pattern of hair loss.

The Causes of Thinning Edges

A 2017 study found that androgenetic alopecia is the cause of hair loss in 84% of individuals who seek treatment. However, there are many other reasons why hair loss can occur including diet, stress, hormonal changes, illness, styling or medication.

Styling techniques, care and diet can usually be blamed for thinning edges. Chemical processes such as straightening and dyeing affect the hair’s structure making it weak and prone to breakage. Hot styling tools make the hair dry and more likely to snap off. Protective styles such as cornrows can create tension, pulling hair out at the root, if left in too long. Tightly fixed ponytails (and similar styles) and hair extensions worn for extended periods can have the same effect. Not following a regular conditioning routine, and having nutritional deficiencies, can also contribute to this type of hair loss.

Tips to Prevent Thinning Edges

  1. Minimise your use of chemical hair products and processing.

  2. Cut back on using your hair-dryer, straightening irons etc.

  3. If you wear a protective style, give your hair a break every six weeks.

  4. Don’t overuse hair extensions and vary tightly fixed hair-dos with looser styles.

  5. Be gentle when combing your hair. You may find that de-tangling with your fingers reduces breakage.

  6. Nourish your hair with regular oil treatments to keep it hydrated.

  7. Follow a varied diet and take a hair growth supplement to boost your nutrient intake.

Effective Edge Restoring Treatments

If you already have a thinning hairline, there are solutions available to help you get the look you want. Vinci Hair Clinic are specialists in restoring thinning edges and offer a range of treatments tailored to the needs of women with this condition. In some cases, it’s possible to stimulate new hair growth with solutions including PRP therapy, mesotherapy, the LLLT Laser Cap and Vinci’s Vitruvian Line dietary supplements. Meanwhile, Micro Scalp Pigmentation for long hair and FUE/FUT hair transplants offer a solution for those women who have permanent hair loss.


The Secret to Fixing Thinning Edges