In this blog, we give you the low-down on the top five causes of hair loss.

Androgenetic alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia is the most common cause of hair loss in men and women. The reasons why some people develop this condition and others don’t are complex and still not fully understood. We do know that androgenetic alopecia is inherited from our parents and results in hair follicles which are sensitive to the effects of the testosterone by-product DHT. Recent studies have suggested that environmental factors also play a role in the condition’s development.


A common trigger for hair loss is an inadequate diet – either not eating enough of the right foods, or not consuming enough calories. The hair growth cycle relies on a constant flow of nutrients to support the processes required to make hair. When nutrients are not readily available, our bodies react by focusing on only essential processes needed to keep us alive. This can slow hair growth and can push hair into the shedding stage.

Seasonal shedding

Seasonal shedding is something that everyone experiences to some extent. It tends to occur as the seasons shift from summer into autumn. Research into this type of hair loss has not found a conclusive answer to why it happens. However, some suggestions are that it is a reaction to the stress of hot summer weather, or that it occurs because our hair grows more to protect our scalps from the sun and this is no longer needed in winter.

Hormonal changes

Hormonal changes can often be blamed for women’s hair loss. The most common example is hair loss which occurs after having a baby, known as post-partum alopecia. Hair loss can also develop after the menopause or due to health conditions which cause a hormonal imbalance, such as thyroid disorders.

Traction alopecia

Traction alopecia means hair loss by pulling and is most commonly caused by hairstyling. It is frequently experienced by women who wear heavy extensions or tight hairdos, and is particularly prevalent amongst those with African hair, due to the popularity of these types of styles.

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The Top 5 Causes of Hair Loss