Thanks, in part, to celebrities talking openly about having hair restoration work done, there is now much less shame attached to getting hair transplants. No longer do people feel that they have to hide the fact they’ve had surgery – unless they would prefer to, of course!

However, there are still many misconceptions floating about that might leave you feeling confused about whether hair transplant surgery is right for you. To help you make your decision we got the truth from the experts at Vinci Hair Clinic about some common hair transplant myths.

Myth 1: After a hair transplant, no further treatment is needed.

Hair transplants are a permanentluis-after hair restoration solution. During the surgery, hair is removed from the sides and back of the head to be placed in the areas of baldness. This donor hair is genetically strong and unaffected by genetic alopecia. However, Vinci Hair Clinic’s experts say it can be advantageous to complement a hair transplant with additional hair restoration solutions. Depending on your condition and hair loss stage, recommendations may include using minoxidil or finasteride. Scalp Micro Pigmentation, LLLT Laser Cap treatment and mesotherapy can also enhance your results.

Myth 2: If you have advanced hair loss, hair transplants won’t work.

Fortunately, people with advanced hair loss can be treated with hair transplants. The problem faced by those with little remaining hair is that there is less hair to transplant. Vinci Hair Clinic developed their Vinci Max hair transplant method especially for such cases. The technique combines FUE and FUT transplants to maximise the donor hair available.

Myth 3: Hairs can be cloned for people who have little donor hair to be transplanted.

This sounds like science fiction – and Vinci Hair Clinic’s experts say that it is. Technological and scientific advancements are bringing us closer to the day where cloned hair might be a possibility. For the time being at least, surgeons will continue to rely on using the patient’s own natural hair growth.

Myth 4: Hairs can be transplanted from someone else if you haven’t got enough. eduardo-after-1

Though it is possible for one person to donate an organ to another, hair transplants do not work the same way. When hair is transplanted, even from a family member, the recipient’s body will reject the graft and the hair transplant will fail.

The Truth About Common Hair Transplant Myths (Part 1)