Thousands of men around the world have already discovered the benefits of hair transplant surgery, but many others are still hesitant about whether to go ahead with the treatment. In this blog, we look at some of the misconceptions that can deter men from beating their hair loss worries.

Do the results look natural?

When hair transplant methods were first developed, the results left much to be desired. This could be why so many men worry that undergoing hair transplant surgery will leave them with a strange-looking head of hair. The good news is that the latest medical technology, combined with surgical expertise, can achieve completely realistic results. The hair is extracted in small follicular groups using a micro-punch which leaves no visible scarring. It is then carefully positioned to recreate a completely natural growth pattern and density.

Is the result permanent?

Hair transplant surgery isn’t cheap and many men are worried the result isn’t permanent. While the hair that is initially grafted into the head will fall out, it will be replaced by new hair growth. The grafted hair will not be affected by pattern hair loss because it is selected from the back of the head, where the follicles are genetically strong.

Is the surgery painful?

It comes as a surprise to many men to discover that having hair transplant surgery does not involve going through severe pain. During the procedure, local anaesthetic is used to numb the area and prevent any discomfort. After surgery, some patients experience mild soreness or swelling, though this soon passes and is nothing to worry about.

 Is the surgery safe?

There have been many reports of hair transplant patients who have been scarred, suffered infections or died as a result of the procedure. These cases highlight the risk of choosing the wrong surgeon. Hair transplant surgery is actually a generally safe procedure when performed in the proper clinical conditions by a highly-trained medical team.

 Now that you know the truth about hair transplant surgery, you may be interested in finding out more about how this procedure could help you. For further information and personalised advice, contact Vinci Hair Clinic to book a free and fully confidential consultation.

The Truth About Hair Transplant Surgery Misconceptions