A scalp micropigmentation procedure can change your appearance forever. For our patients at Vinci Hair Clinic, that change is for the better. We have a track record of improving our clients’ appearance, restoring hairlines long-lost to alopecia, and benefiting the lives of many scalp micropigmentation recipients. But the permanence of a scalp micropigmentation means that you should carefully consider whom you hire to perform the procedure. Health writer Julia Rossel warns that without the proper equipment and skill, the hue of your micropigmentation could quickly fade to an unsightly blue or purple hue. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we want you to know why this happens to some people and how we avoid this unfortunate outcome for our own patients.

The biggest factor contributing to the fading hue of a scalp micropigmentation is the type of ink used in the procedure. Most tattoo inks contain metallic components that react to compounds in the body, changing the color over time, and eventually resulting in shades of blue, purple, and green. A proper micropigmentation procedure, however, uses organic inks that do not fade into unnatural color over time, maintaining the grey, black, or brown pigment you have chosen.

The second factor that contributes to fading is the type of needle used. Scalp micropigmentation needles are much thinner than normal tattooing needles, enabling the precise penetration and pressure application needed to ensure the right dot size as well as the correct amount of ink in the skin. Tattoo artists who attempt to perform micropigmentation with regular tattooing equipment inevitably create substandard results. At Vinci Hair Clinic, we only use specialized needles with proper micropigmentation ink to ensure the best results possible for your micropigmentation procedure.

The final factor contributing to micropigmentation mishaps is the artistry of the technician. Tattoos and scalp micropigmentation require different styles of using the needle, different amounts of pressure, and an eye trained to see the subtleties and texture of natural hair follicles. At Vinci Hair Clinic, all of our technicians are specially trained to perform proper scalp micropigmentation procedures. We employ only the finest people, tools, and techniques to give you the best scalp micropigmentation procedure possible and leave you with results that feel good forever.

Three Reasons You Should Choose Skilled Technicians for Your Scalp Micropigmentation