Although the majority of hair loss causes are genetic, there’s still something you can do to keep hair loss at bay. A recent article in the Times shares six tips to getting stronger hair using common kitchen items. Would you believe that onions are good for something other than making you cry? Or that carrot juice is not only great for your eyesight, but for keeping your hair on your head too? Below you will find how these six kitchen staples can work to prevent thinning hair.

Avocado and Egg Yolk Hair Mask

Mash a soft avocado together with the yolk of one egg. Apply the green mixture to your hair and massage it onto your scalp. Leave for twenty minutes before rinsing it out. The vitamin B  and E rich avocado will repair and restore damaged hair and also moisturise it.

Strengthen Hair Roots with Carrot Juice

Use a juicer to extract the juice of five large carrots and store the juice in the fridge for half an hour. Apply the juice to your hair to strengthen the roots. Wash it out and rinse your hair after about thirty minutes.

Stimulate Hair Growth with Onions

Onion juice when applied to the scalp stimulates blood flow and increases circulation to the scalp. In addition to improving circulation, onion juice has antiseptic properties that will keep your scalp healthy. Apply onion juice to your scalp and leave it on for about an hour. Use rosewater to prevent a lingering onion smell and rinse it out with gentle shampoo.


Potassium Rich Bananas for Stronger Hair

Loaded with potassium and vitamin A, increase hair strength by applying a banana hair mask. To revitalise weak hair, mix crushed banana with clear honey and work the mixture into your hair, massaging it into the roots. Leave it in for up to twenty minutes, wash it out and repeat as necessary. Soon you will begin to notice improvements in your hair.

Give Your Hair a Coconut Feeling

Coconut oil is amazing at keeping hair soft. Coconut milk will also give your hair strength. Brittle and weak hair will become rejuvenated if you apply a coconut milk and honey mask. Mix coconut milk with set honey and apply the mixture to your hair and scalp. Leave it in for up to an hour before washing it out with a natural shampoo.


Oatmeal Mask to Protect your Hair

Detangle your hair first. In just twenty minutes, you can start the process to develop stronger hair follicles while strengthening your hair. Mix oatmeal with fresh milk and almond or argan oil. Apply the paste to your hair, massaging it gently onto your scalp.


As you can see, even the daily items you have in your kitchen may be the solution to stop hair loss in its tracks. If your problems persist or you suffer from severe hair loss, Vinci Hair Clinic is here to help.

Tips to keep hair loss at bay