There are two medications that have been proven as effective and safe treatments for hair loss – minoxidil and finasteride. In this blog, we offer tips to help you to get the best results from these products.

Research the options

Before spending money on any hair restoration treatment, invest some time in making sure that it is the right solution for you. In general, both minoxidil and finasteride are used to treat androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness) in men and women. Minoxidil is available over the counter and is a liquid formula applied directly to the scalp, while a prescription is required to purchase finasteride, which is supplied as oral capsules. Deciding which medicine is best for you can be difficult, so many people find it helpful to attend a consultation with a hair restoration specialist to get personalised advice. An expert will guide you through the details of each medication and respond to any questions that you may have about its suitability.

Buy from a reputable source

When you purchase your supply of minoxidil or finasteride, make sure that you choose a reputable seller. Due to the high demand for hair growth medications, there are many low-quality and imitation products on the market. They may not contain the right dosage of medicine to be effective or may include ingredients that could be harmful to your health. A good rule of thumb is to avoid products which are advertised as a low-cost option, especially if the seller provides minimal information and/or has no background in the hair restoration field. Instead, buy from a company which endeavours to educate the potential customer by providing comprehensive details about their products.

Follow the instructions

As with any medicine, it is essential to read and precisely follow the instructions provided with minoxidil and finasteride. Both of these hair growth medicines need to be used regularly for a good result and using more than the recommended dose will not enhance their effects.

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Top Tips for Using Hair Growth Medications