How much does a hair transplant procedure cost?

The cost of a hair transplant procedure depends greatly on your stage of hair loss and your expectations, as well as the type of hair transplant you require. A hair transplant is a permanent procedure and will be visible for the rest of your life. While cost is important to consider, the quality of the…

When can I get back to my normal activities after the procedure?

As long as your work doesn’t involve strenuous activities you can get back to work the following day, although we do recommend taking a couple of days off, if possible. You can wash your hair and style the following day after the procedure, using the products and instructions supplied in your aftercare kit.

Will the hair grow naturally?

Absolutely. As we are using your own natural hair, it will continue growing at the same pace as the rest of your hair.

Why am I losing my hair?

Hair loss has a range of causes and it is important to get an expert diagnosis in order to choose the right treatment for your specific condition. For example, male pattern baldness is caused by a hormone called DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), which damages the hair follicles on the top of the head, but doesn’t affect the…

Do you offer hair systems?

Vinci Hair Clinic understand hair systems as being the wig type systems marketed by many brands. Indeed, hair system is nothing but a fancier way of saying wig or hair piece,and no, we don’t supply or service these. We do, however, help a lot of people who want to get rid of their hair systems,…