The FUT technique is a one day procedure, even for larger sessions. A single strip is isolated from around the back and sides of the head that contain hairs, genetically strong, and will not suffer from hair loss in the future.

The hairs or grafts are cleaned and divided into natural follicular units, between 1-4 hairs per unit; all under high magnification to ensure graft survival, before being placed in the recipient area.

Over the coming months the new hair starts to regrow, blending with your native hair and by twelve months reaching your final result.

FUT at Vinci Hair Clinic’s is an efficient technique to treat higher levels of hair loss in a single day at one of our Clinics across the UK.

Dan Before 1

Dan After 1

Benefits of the Vinci Hair Clinic FUT

  • Able to treat high levels of hair loss in a single one day session
  • The ability to place a high density to resemble your natural growing hair
  • Natural results achieved with the latest advanced surgical methods available
  • A minor surgical procedure only requiring local anaesthetic
  • Simply after care designed to achieve the best results
  • Minimal inconvenience, allowing you to return to your normal routine in minimal time