Vinci Max Norwood ScaleFor those with whose hair loss has progressed to an advanced stage, typically categorised as Norwood 4 and above. Typically, neither hair transplant technique can safely remove enough grafts to adequately treat the area of hair loss.

The Vinci Max ™ was developed by Vinci Hair Clinic to tackle this problem of treating high Norwood scale hair loss stages by coupling the FUT and FUE hair transplant techniques individual benefits into one procedure. As the graft extraction process differs with both techniques it was possible to use the positives from each technique to safely maximise the number of grafts that can be removed.

Vinci Max ™ Hair Transplant combines the best of traditional Vinci FUT and FUE techniques along with Vinci Hair Clinic´s touch to add to the procedure, the techniques, medications developed to enhance the quality of the procedure and result, from one procedure.

The Vinci Max ™ procedure takes around two or three days, and involves our team of medical holders, with years of experience in hair restoration.

Luis Before

Luis After

The Benefits of Vinci Max ™ Hair Transplant

  • Combining both the FUT and FUE techniques allows Vinci Hair Clinic to maximise the number of grafts safely available in one procedure
  • Allows for advanced hair loss stages to achieve the best coverage from one procedure
  • Expert Medical Staff to ensure the quality of your hair transplant experience
  • Safe and effective procedure
  • Like all other Vinci procedures, the result is guaranteed

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