A hair transplant is a big step towards helping you achieve a better appearance, restoring your self confidence and well being.  We understand how important this is for you and that´s why we offer all of our hair transplant clients a free post-op hair transplant kit.

Post Op Products

Your post-op kit will include:

Post-op Shampoo: for gentle cleansing that will not cause irritation of the scalp while still being strong enough to eliminate dirt.

Post-op cleansing spray: to clean scabs and the donor area on the first days following your Vinci Hair Transplant.

Vitamin enriched oil: to clean and revitalise the recipent area faster, helping to clear away any redness.  This will not only  allow all our clients to get back to their normal activities faster when compared to other clinics, but will also take away all doubts of which products to use following the hair transplant, helping to eliminate the risk of damaging the valuable grafts you have just invested in.

Depending on your Doctors recommendations, Minoxidil or Finasteride and Nizorelle shampoo can also be included in your post op kit.

On the day of your procedure, you will receive all further information on how to use the products and for how long.

Contact our team today for all further information.