A number of online publications are awash with rumours that Kim Kardashian has had a hair transplant. Is this news and should you be reading so much into this? As celebrities go, we’re used to reports of male celebrities doing something about their receding hairlines. Hair transplant procedures are more common in men, even when it comes to celebrities. Think John Travolta, Wayne Rooney, and others. It is rare that you hear of female celebrities undergoing this procedure and this rumour has the Internet quite excited.

Is there any proof?

The lack of a statement from Kim herself confirming or denying the procedure makes it a bit difficult to know either way. So the simple answer is that, of course, there is no proof. It goes without mention that if she has indeed undergone the procedure, it was probably done in secret and not before some legal papers were signed. Should she just come out and say yes she’s had some work done or is it something people should keep private? What do the rumours do to dispel the stigma attached to female hair loss?

Could this just be a fashion statement rather than a result of genuine hair loss?

Of all the people to suffer hair loss, Kim Kardashian would be one of the last people you’d think of. She must have a team of professionals looking after every aspect of her hair care. From choosing the best and safest hair care products, probably natural ones as well, to ensuring only the best stylists get anywhere near her hair. This would discount one of the leading causes of hair loss—hair care practices. Having said that, the number of times she changes her hair style must have an impact on her hair. Could this be the cause of her hair loss?

Kim is no stranger to hair extensions and hair straightening (another common cause of thinning hair). She is also a mum and so post-partum hair loss could be a factor. There are a number of photos making the rounds on the Internet which seem to indicate a change in her hairline (who even has the time to dig up her old photos from 2008?). Others seem to show thinning hair with some patches, a classic symptom of hair loss.

Whatever is happening in Kim’s world, she is bound to come through the other side OK. Hair transplant procedures are becoming more common, and not just for celebrities. Specialist clinics like Vinci Hair Clinic will cater to you too, whether you’re a celebrity or not.



Is there any truth to the rumours of Kim Kardashian’s hair transplant?