screenshot_3According to the Sun[i], nearly 5,000 British men receive hair transplants each year. This surgery has become Britain’s fastest-growing cosmetic procedure. Many men, like Michael Dolan of Hampton, West London, are using the procedure in unconventional ways to improve their appearance. While hair transplant surgeries have traditionally been used to restore people’s hairline, Michael decided in consultation with medical professionals to use the procedure to improve his facial hair.

Michael told the Sun, “I’d always wanted to have a beard, but by the time I was twenty-one, I knew no more was going to grow in.” For many men, a full beard is a sign of virility, masculinity, and strength. Patchy beards and sparse facial hair can be a source of shame and embarrassment, especially for men like Michael who admire full beards. After learning about hair transplant procedures, Michael decided to investigate whether a similar treatment was possible for his facial hair. To achieve the perfect beard, Michael underwent hair transplant surgery earlier this year.

Michael AfterMichael’s procedure at Vinci Hair Clinic was simple, and, by his report, not very painful. The surgeons removed over 1,000 hair follicles from the back of his head and implanted them in his face to produce a perfectly proportioned beard. Michael told the Sun, “There was some scabbing where they took the follicles from the back of my head and some soreness on my cheeks for a day or so afterwards, but it was really easy and much faster and more efficient than I’d thought it would be.” In all, he only spent two hours in the procedure, and in only a few months, he had achieved the “perfect beard.”

The procedure has left Michael very happy with his appearance. He was quoted by the Sun saying, “Finally being able to have the look I’d always wanted was a great feeling.” If you’d like to experience the feeling of looking how you’ve always wanted, contact our expert hair transplant surgeons at Vinci Hair Clinic for a consultation today. Nothing makes us more satisfied than helping victims of hair loss achieve the same satisfaction that Michael has found!



UK Man Uses Hair Transplant Surgery to Achieve the “Perfect Beard”