Surgical and non-surgical hair restoration is becoming more common, especially with celebrities and sports stars “coming out”, Jude Law, Wayne Rooney to name two. As the vast majority of men suffer from some degree of hair loss and wishing to do something about it treatment options have greatly improved.

Surgical hair restoration, or a hair transplant, has long been the established method to restoring lost hair. A hair transplant relies on a strong donor hair resource around the back and sides of the head, genetically strong hair that is immune from the male pattern baldness gene. A draw back to this is the donor resource is finite, and if hair loss progresses to an advanced stage, or the donor hair quality is weak then restoration may not be possibly.

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For some a hair transplant simply may not be an option, in the past this only left the option of a hair piece, which requires on-going maintenance and get become very costly. The introduction of Scalp MicroPigmentation gave a new option. Although technically not hair replacement this revolutionary pigmentation procedure simulates the look of hair stubble, or shaved hair.

The pigment is blended with the surrounding native hair, even if there is no hair because of advanced hair loss the pigment can still mimic hair and give natural looking results even under close inspection.

SMP, or MSP can also treat a variety of hair loss conditions other than typical male pattern baldness; traction alopecia, alopecia areata as examples. It can also be used to camouflage scarring within the hair, such as old hair transplant scars.

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This specialist technique can range in quality from the technical application of the pigment to the quality of the pigments being applied, and the artistic skills of the technician to understand facial bone structure, and especially hair line placement and design. There are many considerations that need to be taken into account to ensure you make a good candidate and the results achieve the perfectly natural illusion of shaved hair.

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