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Offering the Vinci Hair Transplant technique in a state of the art hair clinic Dubai makes it easier for all clients to have surgery in the United Arab Emirates, without the need to travel to other Vinci Hair Clinics for their restorative hair transplant. Dubai offers a full range of procedures including FUT (also known as FUSS or Strip Hair transplants), FUE hair transplants as well as eyebrow transplants, eyelash transplants and baldness reduction. Beard and body hair transplants are also available.

Vinci Hair Clinic Dubai Affiliate Centre

Vinci are proud to be available to serve its clients in the UAE. Our Hair Clinic in Dubai provides a wide range of treatments for hair loss, and due to the a great demand for its services worldwide, and to offer its ever increasing client base from Dubai and the Middle East the best service, we have now made the Vinci Hair transplant procedures available through our affiiliate centre, You New Plastic Surgery in Deira, Dubai.

The Micro Scalp Pigmentation treatment is an innovative alopecia, baldness, thinning hair, and hair loss treatment for men that will make you look as if you have real hair. Not only you will believe you have real hair, but also everyone around you, the results are truly amazing…

As in all licensed Vinci Hair Clinics you will benefit from world-class surgeons that have years of experience in quality hair transplants and hair restoration. Our surgeons are also members of the ISHRS (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) and have been certified by Vinci Hair Clinic internationally to offer the same outstanding results that Vinci is known for worldwide.

Our surgeon in Dubai has also been a professional hair transplant surgeon in the UK and Saudi Arabia. With over 20 years experience within the field of hair transplants and hair restoration, you’ll see some fantastic results as always with Vinci.

The hair clinic in Dubai is fully equipped to the highest international standards and has a talented team of nurses and medical assistants. Their contribution in cutting and preparing hair grafts is an essential part of your hair transplant surgery success and why we continue to get outstanding results for our clients worldwide.

Consultations are free and you can even start your journey towards a fuller head of hair with Vinci Hair Transplant Clinic and their affiliated partners in Dubai using our online consultation form, or contact us directly on 971 4 298 9884.

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