At Vinci Hair Clinic, we understand that everyone has different hair restoration needs, and pride ourselves on providing our clients with a choice of customised hair restoration services. We use the latest technologies to cater to the unique desires and goals of each of our patients with the personalised service that they deserve.

Vinci Hair Clinic

Our highly trained hair restoration professionals are dedicated to delivering excellence of service at all of our international treatment clinics. Not only do we provide cutting edge hair restoration procedures, but our team will guide you at every stage of your journey with a professional and friendly approach to make you feel comfortable and cared for.

Offering a choice of services means we are not limited to the advice we can give. We have no bias towards any hair restoration solution and will always offer the most suitable treatment for your specific needs. With Vinci Hair Clinic, you can feel confident that you are in safe hands, knowing that we truly care about achieving the best results for your hair restoration goals.

Hair Transplant Surgery

Our surgical hair restoration teams around the world are experienced in performing advanced hair transplant techniques including FUT, FUE and Vinci Max. All Vinci staff, from the doctors to the medical team are fully registered and licensed in their respective countries, and are dedicated to client well-being. We have a wealth of experience in cosmetic surgical hair restoration and believe that the best results can only be achieved with a blend of artistic skills and medical excellence.

To ensure consistent quality and keep Vinci Hair Clinic at the forefront of hair transplantation we are always looking for ways to improve. We keep up to date with the latest technological advances and research, and provide our teams with on-going training.

Vinci Hair Clinic understands that the hair transplant procedure is a life changing decision and that making the right choice is vital to your long term happiness. Our core belief is to deliver an honest, open approach, with a genuine empathy for your concerns and needs. We will always take time to listen to you and understand what your hair restoration goals are, and will show you what we can realistically achieve. Surgical hair restoration is not suitable for everyone, but with a choice of other hair loss solutions available, there are many ways we can help. We feel it is important to be sincere about the results that are possible and guide you to the treatment that will be best for you.


Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments

As pioneers of micro pigmentation hair simulation Vinci Hair Clinic researched and developed this innovative technique as an alternative to hair transplants. We were the first medical clinic worldwide to introduce the scalp micro pigmentation procedure to our range of hair restoration solutions and since then, have constantly improved our technique to provide natural looking, flattering and long lasting results for our clients.

We regard this non-surgical treatment with as much importance as we do with our surgical hair restoration solutions. We believe that quality and continued excellence only comes with consistent development from the original concept and ongoing improvement of all elements of the process, from the tools and pigments, to the application technique.

Vinci Hair SMP is not simply the adding of a colour to the skin. It requires creativity and artistic skill, combined with our specially created range of pigments, to deliver perfectly natural looking results. Unlike traditional tattoos, which tend to spread and change colour over time, Vinci’s SMP technique has been tested and refined to give long-lasting results. We are so confident in our service that we even offer a guarantee.

Our highly skilled SMP technicians receive on-going training to ensure that their knowledge is up to date, so that you can rest assured knowing that they are fully qualified in performing the procedure to the highest standards. Our care and attention to detail ensures that Vinci Hair Clinic SMP gives our clients the great looking, life changing results they deserve.

Scalp pigmentation is offered by a growing number of clinics and salons. However, only with Vinci Hair Clinic do you have the knowledge that you are being treated by experienced and extensively knowledgeable professionals. Vinci Hair Clinic have specialised in SMP for many years, and our teams have performed thousands of treatments in our dedicated hair loss clinics around the world. Scalp Micropigmentation is a highly technical procedure, therefore we strongly recommend that you avoid having the treatment in non-medical clinics or salons. SMP should only be performed by technically proficient, well trained professionals who fully understand the how to design the pigmentation so that it will suit your facial bone structure and continue to appear natural as you age.

Vinci Hair Clinic are considered world leaders in SMP and we are extremely proud of what we have to offer. Our technicians achieve truly superior results, using their artistic skill to replicate the look of a shaved head of hair. Testimony to our abilities comes from the many clients that have willingly shared their experience. Not only do they value the artistic skill of their result but the overall level of service that they received from us. Like any well performed hair restoration procedure, SMP boosts one’s sense of well-being, restoring self-esteem and renewing confidence.

SMP is not suitable for every hair loss sufferer. We put great emphasis on the consultation process prior to accepting any individual for treatment. Our team of professionals are highly trained to take you through each step of the process. They will diagnose your condition before explaining how the treatment is performed, the results that can be achieved and whether your goals can be met. This is an important process in ensuring we can perform SMP to the level that gives the result you deserve.