A hair transplant procedure is a team effort; the Doctor cannot do everything or be everywhere, and their well-trained medical assistants play a vital role in the procedure running smoothly and to the highest standard. Each step of the process requires diligence and skill, being able to work efficiently within a team for a successfully performed hair transplant procedure.

Vinci Hair Clinic offers Comprehensive Hair Transplant Technician Training Courses


The Training Covers:

  • The evolution of surgical hair restoration
  • Patient care and well-being
  • Technical training on role as a hair transplant technician
  • A working knowledge of medications required, pre and post-op
  • Graft care and management, slithering, dividing, cleaning and placing
  • Post-op care

Prior to commencing hands on training a written examination is performed, and on successful completion you have met the standards we set you will receive a diploma acknowledging your training with Vinci Hair Clinic.

We offer training in a number of our Clinics, and possibly at your Clinic, for more information on the programme, locations and costs please feel free to contact us.