Tim Ferriss is an internationally renown entrepreneur, author and podcaster. The 40-year old New Yorker kicked off his career by developing a range of nutritional supplements for improved reaction speeds and short-term memory. His experiences in the supplement business inspired him to write “The Four-Hour Work Week” and he quickly rose to fame after it was published in 2007. The “Four-Hour” series continued with “The Four-Hour Body” and “The Four-Hour Chef”.

Tim also presents an extremely popular podcast which has had millions of downloads since its launch. In each episode, Tim interviews an expert in their field, seeking out secrets and skills that listeners can utilise in their own life. The show has featured guests including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rick Rubin and Maria Popova. People all over the world cite Tim’s work as an inspiration and have found his ideas to be life-changing.

It will be a comfort to many men to realise that someone as influential as Tim experiences the same hair loss problems that they do. Take a look at photos of Tim throughout the years, and you’ll see the self-help expert’s mane undergo the effects of male pattern balding. First, his hairline began to recede, followed by thinning on top. Tim currently wears his hair in a short, shaved style.

Tim has been quite open about discussing hair loss and has conversed with fans regarding the issue. In 2010, blogger John King asked the author’s opinion on hair loss medicines like finasteride. Tim replied saying that he had tried DHT blocking medication but didn’t feel it was the right solution for him. In a Reddit AmA discussion, a user asked whether Tim knew a “Four-Hour” solution for hair loss, to which he replied, “I wish I knew!”.

Vinci Hair Clinic Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) offers a good solution for men like Tim. SMP is a non-surgical hair restoration treatment that is ideal for guys who want to wear their hair in a short cropped style. The treatment involves the application of pigments to the scalp to imitate the look of a full head of shaved hair growth.

Though it is not quite a “Four-Hour” answer to baldness, the treatment does provide excellent results from the first session. Each session lasts between 2 and 5 hours, and it may take a few sessions to finish the application, depending on the extent of hair loss. As you can see from the SMP simulation photo, the treatment would give Tim back a natural-looking hairline without thinning or patchiness.





Vinci Hair Clinic’s Four-Hour Hair Loss Solution for Tim Ferriss