Vinci Max ™ Hair Transplant Client – Bjorn

Vinci Hair Clinic client Bjorn is one of the best examples of how the Vinci Max ™ can restore the maximum amount of hair for a client, and how his hair transplant journey was going to transform how he looks, and would give him so much more confidence.

“I have been losing my hair since I was 18 or 19, and its made me very depressed. I think my hair has always been very important to me and its been something I’ve always wanted to keep good. My father lost all of his hair and I’ve seen many pictures of relatives, who are all bald.”

Bjorn decided that he needed to do something about his hair loss. After doing a lot of research into the treatment options that were available to him, and seeing what clinics could offer him, he contacted the staff at Vinci Hair Clinic for some advice and came to a consultation. Our experienced medical team were more than happy to help him find solutions to his hair loss.

Because of Bjorn’s extensive hair loss, he was advised that the only realistic option he had to give himself a good result was the Vinci Max ™ hair transplant, which combines both the FUE and FUT procedures, thus giving a massive count of hair grafts. This treatment was carried out at our hair restoration clinic in Malaga, Spain. His procedure was carried out over a two day period, were his frontal hairline was re-established, along with his crown area having significant grafts placed in it. After 15 months, his hair restoration journey was complete, and Bjorn is very happy with his result.

“The main thing I wanted was to regain my confidence and to not look in the mirror and see myself looking old when I’m just 24.”

After the treatment his hair has been restored, and he feels a lot happier now. By choosing Vinci, Bjorn has now improved his hairline and balding crown area, and has the result he wants.

Vinci Hair Clinic offers personal and an on-line consultation service, free and without obligation. Our dedicated team of advisors are ready to guide you through the process and help you decide on the correct treatment programme for you.

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