vincihairprpPlatelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy is one of the latest treatments to make waves in the hair restoration industry. In this blog, we explain how it works and offer some tips for those who are considering undergoing the treatment.

What is PRP Therapy?

If there is one thing that people tend to know about PRP Therapy, it is that it involves blood. While this is true, it has led to certain misconceptions and confusion. To set the record straight, yes, this technique does use your blood – however, it is first prepared in a centrifuge machine. The blood is spun at a high speed which causes it to separate into its different components. The part that is used for PRP is the golden-yellow coloured plasma, which is rich in growth factors and platelets. When this solution is injected into the scalp, it triggers the body’s natural healing processes to promote follicle health and stimulate hair growth.

PRP Therapy Tips

If you are thinking of getting PRP Therapy, these top tips will help you get the most from the treatment.

  • Experts suggest that PRP Therapy is performed as a course of treatments that are spaced around three months apart. As the results develop, the number of sessions can be reduced accordingly.
  • For ten days before each session, it is advisable to avoid medicines and supplements that can increase the risk of bruising, such as aspirin.
  • It is a good idea to eat and ensure you are well-hydrated before the session to minimise the chances of feeling unwell during the blood extraction.
  • Some people experience mild discomfort for a few hours after a session. This can be soothed by taking paracetamol.
  • For 48 hours after the session, avoid applying hair products or engaging in heavy activity which causes sweating.

Where to go for PRP Therapy

Vinci Hair Clinics are proud to offer PRP Therapy as part of their range of hair restoration treatments. Their expert team would be delighted to provide you with more information and help you decide whether this treatment is right for you. To get started, give Vinci a call and book in for a free consultation, which can take place at one of their clinics or via Whatsapp.




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