Hair loss affects millions of men and women around the globe. Celebrities and everyday people alike are affected by different types of hair loss. Shane Warne is one of the best cricketers to ever play the game. His popularity and celebrity status may have a lot to do with why he has been selected to front ad campaigns for some hair loss treatment clinics.

Shane Warne suffers from hair loss which is evident if you care to look up his playing career in video. But his story does not end there. After hanging up his cricket bat, he began to appear on television as a pundit, which may have spurred him to get his hair back.

Stem cell hair for restoration?

One hair restoration technique gaining popularity is the use of stem cells as a treatment. Other treatments are also available, including hair transplants and laser treatments. Whether you are a successful sportsperson or a celebrity, hair loss has an impact on you and your confidence.

Many men interviewed about their hair loss agree that the process is worse than being bald. Going bald is an emotional journey, often lonely because hair loss is a subject rarely spoken about. People are happy making jokes at the expense of bald men but the internal struggle is real.

Many sportsmen and celebrities have taken the hair transplant route to restore lost hair and regain some control over their appearance. Shane Warne is not the only cricketer to resort to hair restoration therapy of some kind.

Beyond the comb over and other alternative therapies

You can never talk to a balding man or a woman losing their hair and not hear about all the potions and remedies they have tried. From miracle shampoos to the use of black shoe polish to try and cover in the patches. The search is long and trying for many people and relief often comes after consulting specialist hair restoration doctors.

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