Hair transplantation is one of the most popular hair restoration solutions available today – but surgery isn’t the right choice for everyone. In this blog, we explore alternative hair loss treatment options.

Reasons to Choose a Non-Surgical Alternative

There are several reasons that one might want to consider alternatives to a hair transplant. Firstly, some people simply prefer not to have non-essential surgery. Another common reason to opt for medical and non-surgical treatments is that these generally require a lower initial investment than a hair transplant. If this cost is a factor in your decision, it is worth bearing in mind that other treatments could work out more expensive in the long run and that finance options may be available to make a hair transplant more affordable. While some decisions about hair transplants are based on preference, other people are not suitable candidates for surgery. The type and stage of hair loss, as well as certain health conditions, will dictate whether a hair transplant would provide the desired results.

Medical & Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

Vinci Hair Clinics have a range of treatments to suit the needs of those who do not want, or cannot have, hair transplant surgery. They understand that everyone has different needs and goals when it comes to hair restoration and tailor each client’s treatment to meet these requirements. Their innovative Micro Scalp Pigmentation, for example, is a non-surgical treatment that adapts to a variety of hair loss issues. It can be used to create the look of a shaved head, disguise scars and simulate an effect of density amongst longer hair. Those who do not want to have hair transplants may also opt to use clinically-proven medication (minoxidil or finasteride) or to add Vinci’s hair-growth boosting Vitruvian Line vitamin and mineral complex to their daily routine. A totally natural option is offered with Vinci’s Saw Palmetto supplement, which is derived from the fruit of a tropical palm tree. Some other excellent alternatives to hair transplant surgery are PRP Therapy, LLLT and Mesotherapy. For further information about all of these hair restoration solutions, contact Vinci Hair Clinic today to book your free consultation.



What are the Alternatives to a Hair Transplant?