Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP) is an increasingly popular hair loss treatment. In this blog, we explain what MSP is and look at how it is being used to treat different hair loss problems.

Introducing Vinci Micro Scalp Pigmentation

Vinci Hair Clinics are leaders in hair restoration and pioneers of the Micro Scalp Pigmentation technique. They developed MSP as a non-surgical alternative which is ideal for people who are not good candidates for hair transplant surgery or who prefer not to have an operation. It also offers a solution for men and women who have tried hair growth medications but found them ineffective.

How does MSP work?

MSP is a non-invasive hair restoration technique which is often compared to tattooing. At Vinci’s specialist MSP clinics around the world, it is always performed by highly-trained and talented technicians. The procedure involves the application of small dots of pigment to the upper layers of scalp skin. Vinci clinics only use medical-grade pigments and select the tones used for each client to match perfectly with their unique hair and skin colouring. The initial results are instantly visible, however, the treatment is usually completed over several sessions. This allows the pigment to be built up gradually for a subtle, natural effect.

Different Uses of MSP

Vinci MSP offers a solution to a variety of hair loss concerns. It is an excellent option for men who have a receding hairline and bald patch on top, typical of male pattern baldness. In such cases, the treatment is used to redefine the hairline and fill out hairless areas to create the illusion of a full head of closely-shaved hair. The same approach may also appeal to anyone affected by permanent hair loss caused by alopecia areata and other auto-immune disorders. MSP is also suited to people who have general thinning but want to maintain a longer hairstyle. In these cases, Vinci’s technicians adapt the method to simulate the appearance of improved density by reducing the contrast between the scalp and hair tone. Another use of MSP is for scar camouflage, when it is used to conceal the damaged area by blending it into the rest of the hair.

For further information about Vinci Hair Clinic MSP, you can submit your photos via their website to receive a personalised MSP simulation or book a free consultation at a location near you.

What is Micro Scalp Pigmentation?