MSP is an innovative, non-surgical treatment for hair loss and scar camouflage.

MSP disguises effective natural hair loss and thinning hair can also be successfully used to camouflage scars and may be used for all skin types and hair colors. A special biological ink (not the ink used in tattoos or permanent makeup) is inserted into the upper skin layer in order to simulate small stubble.

To simulate the hair stubbles a high quality computer controlled pen that looks up the correct skin layer and has a microscopically fine needle is used. These needles are designed specifically for this technique and give directly the effect of hair stubble. The treatment is virtually painless, leaves no scars and gives instant results! At Vinci Clinics we use a special medical grade anesthetic cream as an adjunct for optimal client comfort.


The aesthetic appearances of donor scars have been improved significantly with the combination of these treatment modalities. Trichophytic surgical, double layer closure with additional implantation of follicular units in the scar line and at a later stage the finishing touch with micro scalp pigmentation.

What is Micro Scalp Pigmentation?