Where is the nearest hair transplant clinic by Vinci Hair Clinic

No matter where you are in the world, there is a Vinci Clinic near you. That means that when you are ready to discuss your new, incredible hair transplant, you won’t have far to travel to ensure you get the best quality, most professional, best value for money service around.

There are Vinci Clinics in Spain, Brazil, South Korea, France, and Dubai, not to mention our flagship clinics in the UK and plenty of other locations besides. This is what sets us apart from the rest, and gives you the most excellent opportunities to choose your clinic, and your practitioner, before any procedures are carried out. You can find your nearest clinic by simply using our website – here you will discover a whole world or clinics opening up for you.

Having clinics across the globe is perfect for our customers. Why would you want to travel for thousands of miles if there is a reputable, well known, excellent value, state of the art hair transplant clinic on your doorstep? Alternatively, you could choose a clinic in a country you’ve always wanted to visit and make your new you part of a once in a lifetime holiday! Whichever option suits you, Vinci Clinic enables it to happen.

Each of our clinics offers the same incredible service, and although not every clinic offers the hair transplant procedure you are looking for, each one is able to refer you to one that does, so you will never feel lost or abandoned – Vinci is with you every step of the way.

Our Worldwide Clinic Locations:


Right Across the European Union, Vinci Hair Clinic has a clinic close to you, that can provide you with the hair restoration solution you are looking for.

Asia & The Middle East


North America

South America


Where is the nearest hair transplant clinic in Dubai by Vinci Hair ClinicIt’s not just about the procedure – although of course that is important. It’s also about the initial consultation, and getting the right advice. This is something that Vinci Clinic takes very seriously. At each clinic is an experienced practitioner with all the know-how you would expect to give you the best options for you when it comes to your new hair. We want you to be comfortable with everything that is happening, and we want you to be at total ease. A good surgeon will talk through the procedure with you before you commit to anything, and tell you about the other options available to you. A great surgeon will let you know what other options are available and suggest an alternative procedure if it would suit you better. This is true even if it is a route that costs less, and is therefore less profitable for the clinic. This is true even if it would be better for you – for whatever reason – not to have any surgery at all. A great surgeon knows that it is not all about the money; it’s about the patient’s happiness as well.  So although you may need or wish to travel to have your final procedure carried out, we know you’ll find an excellent and experienced professional to speak to at your nearest clinic.

Where is your nearest clinic?