Syed Sajid Hasan, a well-known actor from Pakistan, recently shocked fans on his social media pages when he recounted his nightmarish experience following a hair transplant surgery. The veteran star, who appeared alongside Angelina Jolie in the 2007 movie, A Mighty Heart, said that he hoped that by talking about what happened to him, he could help other people to avoid going through the same thing.

Hair Transplant Surgery Gone Wrong 

Syed filmed a short video in which he explained to fans why he had accepted the offer of hair transplants from an old acquaintance and described the traumatic consequences of his decision. He says that the friend, a medical doctor, had been pushing him to have hair restoration surgery for years and that he finally accepted. Unfortunately, things quickly started to go wrong for Syed.

The day after the procedure, Syed developed a fever and the wound from the surgery became infected. The doctor told Syed that it was normal and that he should simply clean the wound with saline water. In his video, Syed claimed that he had fallen unconscious for 15 days as a result of the infection. He also showed the terrible wound that he now has on the top of his head, advising viewers to “Go to the right surgeon and do a lot of research beforehand” and saying “This is what happens when you go to the wrong guy.”

The Right Clinic for Your Hair Transplant

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Why It’s Essential to Choose a Quality Hair Loss Clinic