Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) hair transplants are one of the top choices among men who want to enhance their appearance. In this blog, we take a closer look at why this surgery is so popular.

What is FUE hair transplant surgery?

The FUE procedure involves the removal of hair grafts from the back of the patient’s head and placement into the area being restored. What makes FUE different from other styles of hair transplant is the graft extraction method. While the Follicular Unit Transfer(FUT) method requires the removal of a small strip of skin from the patient’s scalp, FUE grafts are gathered using a micro-punch.

The advantages of the FUE hair transplant technique

The surgical micro-punches used for FUE are specialist tools which allow the surgeons to extract follicle groups of one to four hairs. Although this approach tends to be more time-consuming than a FUT procedure, it offers several advantages. Most importantly, the FUE technique is minimally-invasive. There is no need for stitches and the healing period is rapid, with the donor area appearing as normal in a matter of days. These are all plus points for any man who leads a busy lifestyle and who prefers the most discreet option when it comes to hair restoration work.

First-class FUE results

Another major factor in the popularity of FUE hair transplants is the results that can be achieved. With talent, experience and a deep understanding of the art of graft placement, it is possible for a surgeon to effectively turn back the clock for their patient. Receding hairlines and bald patches can be restored for a result that is natural, youthful and flattering.

Is FUE right for you?

If you are wondering whether FUE treatment is right for you, Vinci Hair Clinics can help. Specialists in helping men to restore their hair and their confidence, they are recognised internationally as leaders in hair transplants. They make it easy to get all the information you need about FUE hair transplants by offering free consultations. Book in at your local Vinci clinic to learn more about the surgery, as well as having your condition and suitability for the procedure assessed.

Why More Men Are Choosing FUE Transplants