Although the final results once a micro scalp pigmentation has been completed are often fantastic, it can be a cause for concern. This is especially true at the beginning of thinking about the process, or if you aren’t sure whether the MSP will blend successfully with your existing hairline. Everyone who has MSP wants it to look as natural as possible, and it can feel like a big step to take if the results aren’t guaranteed.

The good news is that blending will be possible on everyone. Blending is what the seamless mix of your own hair and the new pigments is called – and your experienced practitioner will be able to know exactly how to do this to give you the most natural look possible.

All MSP will need at least a little bit of blending. If it is not carried out then the new ‘hair’ and the old will look different, and the work will be obvious. It really will depend on the extent of the hair loss as to how much blending will need to take place. It could be needed across the entire scalp, or perhaps only a little at the sides. The process is the same whether it is a smaller or larger amount. When you initially speak to your practitioner about having micro scalp pigmentation done, this is an important aspect to discuss. If you know the final look you want to achieve, it will be a quicker process.

Blending works by achieving a gradient of pigment in the scalp – the colour will go from darker to lighter (with it being darker the closer it is to the original hairline) to mimic the look of natural hair. It does take a lot of skill to get this done perfectly, which is why you should speak to your practitioner about this particular part of the MSP process. Ask for testimonials and read reviews – it is important for your peace of mind and the end result.  

Will Micro Scalp Pigmentation Blend In With My Existing Hair Successfully?