Hair loss is very common yet its causes remain somewhat mysterious. Even after decades of scientific studies, a true cure has still not been found. We may be one step closer to putting an end to baldness forever though, thanks to a new discovery by researchers in New York City.

The Role of the Dermal Sheath in Hair Loss

According to a paper published in the journal Science, scientists at the Black Family Stem Cell Institute at the Icahn School of Medicine have identified previously unknown muscle that plays a vital role in hair growth. The dermal sheath, as it is known, wraps around the hair follicle. During the active growth stage, it contracts to push cells called dermal papilla towards the top of the hair follicle. The dermal papilla cells are messengers, which tell surrounding stem cells to produce hair. When the growth cycle reaches the shedding stage, the dermal sheath muscle contracts again to allow the old hair strands to be released from the follicle. The Mount Sinai-based researchers, led by Dr Michael Rendl, believe that excess hair loss is caused when the shedding contraction happens too often. Dr Rendl said that it is possible to use medication to control the dermal sheath’s contractions and prevent hair loss. However, he also pointed out that further experimentation would be necessary to confirm the efficacy and long-term effects on the hair follicle.

Beat Baldness Now

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Will This Discovery End Baldness Forever?