For men and women living all over the world, hair falling out is a normal occurrence. This natural process paves the way for our bodies to generate better and younger hair. But for those people residing outside the tropics, this loss of hair intensifies during winter months.

So, what really causes hair to fall out during the biting chill of winter? Is it caused by winter or it is just a coincidence that it happens during the cold season? How come during this time of the year, hair loss is often accompanied by an itching and flaking effect?

Well, Dr. Mohod, a renowned hair specialist, has some interesting answers to these questions. He agrees that there is some truth in these claims and observations even though he is also quick to point out that our bodies undergo changes that are further compounded during winter.

During winter months, you will experience roughness on your scalp. Your dry and flaked skin weakens your hair follicles, leading to hair falling out right at the onset of winter. Additionally, when the temperature drops significantly during winter, it creates a conducive environment for fungi to multiply and cause infections. The prevalence of these microorganisms also leads to conditions such as dandruff, which is responsible for your hair loss.

However, the doctor observes that the extent of hair loss during the cold season is equally distributed across the two sexes. But is there a way to cut down on this hair loss? According to Dr. Mohod, the answer is yes. You can do the following to alleviate the effects of the problem:

  • Keep your hair clean: You need to clean your hair using medicated shampoos to avoid excess sulfate that can aggravate the condition.
  • Don’t leave your house with oil in your hair: If you don’t observe this rule, your hair will gather dust and dirt that can worsen the hair loss.
  • Keep your hair covered: If you cover your hair, you will keep it from direct exposure to the sun and other contaminants that can irritate your scalp.

If you think you may be suffering from excessive hair loss, Vinci Hair Clinic can help you get to the bottom of your problems.

Does winter cause hair loss?