At Vinci Hair Clinic, we pride ourselves in employing only the most skilled surgeons and technicians to perform evidence-based procedures guaranteed to work for your hair loss. Sadly, we see a lot of misinformation on the Internet about quack cures for pattern baldness that are a waste of your time and money. But these quack cures are nothing new. Pattern baldness has plagued humanity for thousands of years, and evidence of the crazy “cures” people have thought up are scattered across the historical record! Lately, we’ve been reading Kerry Segrave’s Baldness: A Social History to learn more about the absurd things people have tried to cure their baldness in the past, and we bet you’d never want to try this old Scottish “cure”!

Sometime in the early 1700s, a Scottish physician recorded his recommended procedure for reversing pattern baldness. It went like this:

  1. Burn frogs and rub their ashes on the balding area
  2. Burn bees, mix their ashes with oil, and apply it to the balding area
  3. Wash the head with dog’s urine
  4. Burn goat dung, mix the ashes with oil, and apply it to the balding area

Can you believe that people used to do that? But believe us––people are still trying crazy things all over the world! You wouldn’t believe some of the stuff we hear. What’s more, people frequently trust their health, hair, and heads to the hands of fake doctors, pop-up clinics, and untrained quacks. The good news is that teams of scientist around the world are constantly working to find evidence-based procedures using modern science to successfully restore your hair. When people claim to have a cure for baldness, don’t believe them. While lots of processes are in development, like stem cell therapy, the only surefire way to fix your hairline that is available today is through hair transplant surgery, or to mimic the appearance of hair through scalp micropigmentation.

At Vinci Hair Clinic, we hope that people can see through the piles of misinformation on the Internet and trust their health only to the hands of trained, educated medical professionals. Contact Vinci Hair Clinic today to consult with our experts about the best options available for restoring your hairline.


You’ll Never Believe This Old Scottish “Cure” for Baldness!