Micro Scalp Pigmentation (MSP) is an innovative hair restoration solution developed by Vinci Hair Clinic. They recognised that hair transplant surgery isn’t for everyone and in some cases, people are not good candidates for the treatment. MSP offers an alternative option and is often recommended for those who wish to wear their hair in a short, shaved style. It can also be adapted for those who would like to maintain long hair.

What is Long Hair MSP?

The concept of Long Hair MSP is to decrease the contrast between the hair and the bald areas of the scalp. Though MSP is often likened to a scalp tattoo, there are some important distinctions between the hair restoration procedure and a normal tattoo. Vinci use only specialist medical grade pigments for their client’s MSP treatments. These pigments are completely safe and long-lasting. The pigments come in a variety of tones and are applied by highly-trained technicians who are talented in the art of building up colour for a natural effect.Who is Long Hair MSP suitable for?

Vinci’s Long Hair MSP is ideal for women whose hair is thin or patchy especially those whose hair is a darker colour. It may be recommended to women who have bald spots caused by traction alopecia or who have scarring on the scalp. This type of MSP is also suited to men who want to keep their hair long but would prefer it to look thicker. Long Hair MSP is also an option for those who want to enhance the results of their FUT or FUE hair transplant surgery, or indeed, to camouflage scars on the scalp.

What do people say about their Long Hair MSP results?

Vinci Hair Clinic receives excellent feedback from clients who have had MSP treatment with them. Men and women alike describe Long Hair MSP as life-changing and say that they wish that they’d had their hair restoration done earlier.

How can I find out if Long Hair MSP is right for me?

If you are thinking about getting Long Hair MSP, don’t hesitate any longer – contact Vinci Hair Clinic for expert advice. They welcome men and women who are interested in getting hair restoration treatment to join them for a free consultation at one of their locations around the world.

Your Guide to Long Hair Micro Scalp Pigmentation