LLLT is an innovative and effective hair restoration solution. In this guide, you’ll find out how it works and much more.

What is Low Level Laser Therapy?

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) uses advanced laser technology to fight hair loss. Directing the correct levels of light at the hair follicles has a growth stimulating effect that you can think of as similar to the way sunlight stimulates plant growth. In order to direct light at the hair follicles in the most efficient way, Vinci Hair Clinic have placed 272 diodes in their FDA approved laser cap. Vinci recommend using the cap for 3 sessions of thirty minutes weekly for best results.

Who can benefit from LLLT?

LLLT is helpful in treating a variety of hair loss conditions including male and female androgenetic alopecia, postpartum alopecia and alopecia areata. It can also be used by those looking to stimulate their hair growth and protect against hair loss.

Can LLLT be used alone? What about alongside other hair restoration treatments?

Vinci’s LLLT Laser Cap is effective as a standalone treatment. It is also an excellent choice as part of a multi-pronged attack on hair loss. Vinci’s Prevention and Stimulation Pack includes the laser cap, along with Maxogaine (minoxidil and azealic acid) and their Vitruvian Line dietary supplement for hair growth. LLLT is also beneficial for hair transplant clients, both before and after surgery.

Why is Vinci’s Laser Cap better than in-clinic laser treatments?

Vinci Hair Clinic’s Laser Cap has been developed to bring clinical quality LLLT to the comfort of your home. Fully portable and easy to conceal under a hat, it can be used while relaxing, doing chores or while driving. With no need to apply products or attend appointments, the Laser Cap is a truly convenient way to treat hair loss.

Why is Vinci’s Laser Cap better than a laser comb?

One of the many advantages of the Vinci Laser Cap over laser combs is the consistent coverage and levels of laser light energy that it emits. When comparing the results of LLLT laser cap and laser comb users, those who opt for the cap see much greater growth success.

Find out more about Vinci Hair Clinic’s Laser Cap and other hair restoration treatments by contacting your local clinic today.

Your Guide to Low Level Laser Therapy for Hair Loss


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